• RulerOfEverything

    A Story

    December 25, 2016 by RulerOfEverything

     You wake up lying on a pickaxe.  Groaning from sleep and discomfort, you roll over and grab the pick.  It is made of copper, turning green, with a wooden handle, worn smooth from use.  Scattered around you are an axe and shortsword, also copper, and several large sticks with red powder on one end.  You gather the stuff, and it is then you realize you have no memory and no idea how you got there.  You panic for time, but then reason sinks in and you realize thzt in order to survive you must build a shelter.  You reach for you axe, but before you can grab it, you hear a squelching noise.  You whirl around to see a strange creature.  About knee high, the slime is made of glistening green, well, slime.  It doesn't seem threatening, so you app…

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