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Rustlesser's ModPack

Rustlesser November 1, 2012 User blog:Rustlesser

Rustlesser's ModPack 1.0.6 (Russian Mod)

Rustlesser's ModPack is pack of special items and weapon.

Type = Mod

Author(s) = Rustlesser

Version = v1.0.6

For Terraria 1.1.2
TConfig v0.24 or more

Download = 1.0.6


Thank you to some people who have downloaded my modpack.


  1. Magic Pickaxe
  2. Magic Pickaxe 2.0
  3. Magic Axe
  4. Magic Axe 2.0
  5. Magic Hammer
  6. Magic Hammer 2.0
  7. Time Switch
  8. Magical Bar
  9. BoneHead
  10. Grenade Launcher
  11. Magic Slime Spawner
  12. Magic Eye Spawner
  13. NPC Mr. Admin
  14. Magic Gun (Cursed)
  15. Magic Gun (Crystal)
  16. Magic Block
  17. Energy Drink

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