I'm kinda new here, I like Terraria, I like the concept of a hard mode, but don't want to have to wait so long to see all the cool asskickage. So I've decided to make myself a suicidal challenge run by playing Hard Mode... from the very start of the game. To do this, you need to use TEdit to set the world to hard mode, and then you also have to turn a section of the level into the Hallow since it won't do that automatically. I'll edit this blog post with some updates and screenshots on what I'm doing. Also, this will be done in Softcore.

Day 1

I made a simple wooden house with a furnace and workbench, greatly underestimated the power of the new hardmode monsters, and decided to make a new character with some starting items:

-300 health

-200 mana

-Gold Axe

-Adamantite Drill

-Shadow Armor (full set)

-Breaker Blade 


-Space Gun


-A ridiculous amount of silver bullets

-Dark Lance


-Water Bolt

-1 platinum coin

-Ring Of Regeneration