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    Who wants to hardmode?

    September 19, 2012 by Sailorvlogs

    Who wants to play terraria hardmode with me? and also see if i set up my server correctly xD but yea im scared to play hardmode all alone so im asking YOU THE PEOPLE who wants to team up with me? post you want to try and i will post the ip and use a character with good armor+weapons because i am using my shadow scale homie sword character. !EDIT! and port is default 7777 tell me if i need to port forward !EDIT! If a majority of the peoplez don't have a good lvled character we can just make some new ones and start from scratch !EDIT! also give me your steam name so we can talk when we put the server on !EDIT! lol but im done with applications and you can only get in if you have/know to to setup a SERVER or if your "port is fo…

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