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  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Practically a god
  • Sakkeman

    On Banners

    December 13, 2016 by Sakkeman

    Just a short post about the said items.

    All the pages about monster banners say they give you a "minor" buff against the enemies in question. Now, how many of you think +50% (+100% in expert) damage and +25%(+50% in expert) damage reduction is "minor"? 

    USE THE BANNERS, you won't regret it. Makes invasions a lot easier. Active editors, what do you say? Should that "minor" be upgraded to "Major"?


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  • Sakkeman

    Events VS invasions

    January 24, 2014 by Sakkeman

    This is just to bring attention to a matter not so important or serious, so don't take it too seriously.

    There should be a seperation between EVENTS and INVASIONS. Invasions last for as long as you haven't killed enough enemies. Events last for a night (except eclipse, which last for a day). These are not official terms

    And since you can only summon frost legion, pirates and the Frost and Pumpkin moons, whereas Eclipse, blood moon and goblin invasion happen by change, they could be divided to SUMMONED and NATURAL

    These should be taken to notice when editing pages.

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  • Sakkeman

    More Minions idea.

    January 22, 2014 by Sakkeman

    Why not, right? 

    This will take a while. Also it's Hardmode and past Plantera.

    First, you make a Necromancers Skull from souls and bones, take it to the dungeon and activate it near its core. This starts an invasion event with different skeletons from the Dungeon starting to march towards spawn. 

    First come the basic skeletons and the first wave. Then comes Rusted battalion/tactical skeletons with the second wave. Third is Molten Legions and finally comes a flaming skeletron-type Necromaster with an army of Soulburners

    The Necromaster uses flames of different color to attack you (different flames have different effects(blue flames freeze,ect)) by shooting them from his four hands, eyes and mouth. His loot includes:

    Angry spirits, a summon item that …

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  • Sakkeman

    This is not an official rule, but still...

    When you test something, for example how far something can reach, don't say "offscreen" or "halfway the screen". One "screen" is not a stable lenght, since resolution changes your visible area. Use "tiles" or "feet" instead.

    I play with a large resolution, and my friend has a huge monitor, and it really gives him an advantage in PvP. Also I notice particle effects and light disappearing near the edges of my screen.

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  • Sakkeman

    Just some quick ideas

    December 20, 2013 by Sakkeman

    Now it seems terraria has two items that increase placement range and many picaxes that increase mining range. Now we need a magnet to increase pickup range. It could also deflect projectiles and be combined with, say, Cobalt Shield.

    One other thing I thought would be funny was a Magician NPC, a character to which you pay money and he preforms a trick, like spawns a rabbit or makes roses appear. Of course he wears a tuxedo. Would sell:

    Deck of Cards, a ranged weapon that shoots out four different projectiles. Consumes special card-ammo AND mana on use

    Magic Wand, a classic black wand with white ends. Fires flowers, ribbons, bubbles, mostly lots of particles, but also summons a semi-powerful Dove to fight by your side.

    Loaded Dies, a flail with tw…

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