Now it seems terraria has two items that increase placement range and many picaxes that increase mining range. Now we need a magnet to increase pickup range. It could also deflect projectiles and be combined with, say, Cobalt Shield.

One other thing I thought would be funny was a Magician NPC, a character to which you pay money and he preforms a trick, like spawns a rabbit or makes roses appear. Of course he wears a tuxedo. Would sell:

Deck of Cards, a ranged weapon that shoots out four different projectiles. Consumes special card-ammo AND mana on use

Magic Wand, a classic black wand with white ends. Fires flowers, ribbons, bubbles, mostly lots of particles, but also summons a semi-powerful Dove to fight by your side.

Loaded Dies, a flail with two seperate heads, both not dealing that much damage, but if both hit the same enemy, would inflict ((Insert a clever debuff here)).

Perhaps after he appears he suggests you to find his sidekick( no, a lady? Friend? something) and when she if rescued from the underworld he start selling more stuff.

What would a Magician( or his... Partner?) sell? Speak up, people.

(this blog really got out of hands, eh?)