Let's talk about a thing. Staff of the Frost Hydra. It is not a wyvern, it's a Hydra. Even with only one head, it's a Hydra.

Pages* on this wiki aren't supposed to tell YOUR opinions, they are supposed to tell facts. "it may be a reference to thisandthat" is valid, as long as it actually HAS a change to be true. "It's not actually a hydra, it's wyvern" IS NOT VALID. Wyverns in terraria are those flying, doglike dragonthing. 

On a related matter, Tiki and spooky armors don't affect Hydra. This is just an idea, but what would you think if they increased, NOT the amount of hydras, but instead the amount of its heads? It would make it a "legit" hydra.

Feel free to speak out your opinions.

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