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Use for stars idea

Sakkeman November 15, 2013 User blog:Sakkeman

This is and idea for a pre-hardmode, endgame armor, possibly weapons(Why don't you make some of those:) 

So combining stars and hellstone/meteor, like one star and four ores would make one bar of Starmetal (Bad name, make a better one).

Star Armor, armor that has spikes, like those of a Fallen star. When wearing even one piece of this set would make star similar to those of starfury fall when you are damaged, and wearing the complete set gives one extra star. Passive speedboost when flying? Or a boost to all star damage.

Then why not a starflail, flail weapon that has the starfurys effect, or makes stars fall each time it hits an enemy. Big suprise, its head is a star (Noo, what?).

Please, tell me what you think

PS: what would star bullets do?

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