The uitvibic number ten

1. Healing staff, useful in PvP or during multiplayer bossfights. Crafted from meteorite bars, rubies and heart crystals. When in use, just click on target you want to heal, and staff starts draining mana and heals target. Possibly could be used trough walls, emits little heart-like particles flying from caster to target.

2. Freeze ray. Weapon that has somewhat short range, does't deal damage, but instead slows enemies down, eventually freezing then still inside cube of ice. You could jump on top of them while they are frozen. Crafted from sapphires and illegal gunparts. On PvP would only slow down hostile players.

3. Purification Crystal. Single use item, crafted from lots of crystal shards, purification powder, mady pixie dust and souls of light. When used, purificates all blocks on large arena. Or placed on the ground and activated with wire and switch.

Gemstones and souls of flight have very little use. Post your ideas on how they could be used on the comments below.