Chuck Norris could kick that eight and turn it into infinity.

More about the earlier uitvibics, rubber could also ba placed, and it would bounce you up in the air. It could be controller, like holding down the "down" button. Some weapons could inflict "bleeding". That has on meaning on singleplayer, but would be cool in multiplayer.

15. Blue wire. Would not diffuse whit red wire, allowing them to be placed on top of each other. Of course, there would be problems like, when you try to remove the other wire, it remover wrong wire. So maby also blue wrench and blue wire cutters.

16.Poison seeds, got from corrupted grass, shot from blowpipe, and poisoning the target on hit.

17. I read about the teleport-travel on a blog, so how about linking a mirror to a bed. Beds could be named, and when you klick on a bed whit magic mirror, the mirror locks to that bed. Re-klick, and the mirror is "to spawn point" mirror again. Example: You have to mirrors, one to your house at the beach( #2, because spawnpoint is #1) and other to your house at the NPC village(#3). If in a world whit no bed for a mirror, all teleport to spawnpoint. Maby manually programmed at bed, like when near a bed with mirror in hand, type #1,#2 or #3 to set mirror manually to teleport you to #1,#2 or #3.

Please comment and tell your own ideas, and also check my previous uitvibics.