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    A note ahead of time:

    If you want to trade with me, you must have a desired server that I can meet you at. I will NOT be hosting a server.

    I am cleaning out my chests, and I have a lot of duplicates of items that I do not need anymore. I am looking to trade for them.

    I only want souls of might, fright, and sight; adamantite ore; statues; or something else, depending on the offer. :)

    Items for trade:


    • Dark Lance
    • Sunfury
    • Blue Moon
    • Magic Dagger
    • PwnHammer
    • Flower of Fire
    • Muramasa (2)
    • Blade of Grass
    • Mythril Drill

    Vanity items:

    • Wizard Hat
    • Top Hat
    • Jungle Rose


    • Cloud in a Bottle (2)
    • Moon Charm (Arcane/Hard) (2)
    • Hermes Boots (2)
    • Demon Wings
    • Hard Philosopher's Stone
    • Aglet
    • Star Cloak
    • Depth Meter
    • Titan Glove (Angry/Jagged) (2)
    • Anklet of the Wind
    • In…

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  • SakuraKeyblader

    I was browsing the page for the blue dungeon bricks on here, and I got the idea of making a TARDIS from the comments I had seen. Now I haven't made my idea yet, so I'm not sure how it will turn out. But if anyone would like to make my design or improve upon it, I would be forever grateful :'D

    Here is my quick and crappy ms paint design. It will be really big, so that's a problem. But it probably could be scaled down to reasonable size:

    It would be really cool if someone actually made the interior of the TARDIS, too. Hmm.. Maybe that will be my next project, haha :)

    Like I said, I have horrible ms paint skills, so forgive me for that. I'll probably make a scaled down edit and add it here.



    Light blue - Blue dungeon bricks

    dark blue- blu…

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  • SakuraKeyblader

    Hello fellow Terraria adventurers,

    Recently my hard drive decided to ruin some of my world files, and because of that, I lost a lot of my really good items. I was planning to go against the Destroyer for my first time, and since I had lost my Cross Necklace in the process, my plans were crushed.

    I'm currently in search of a new one.

    I've been fighting mimics like crazy in the Underworld, but all I have been getting are the common drops. I made a mimic farm, but it hasn't produced many signifigant results. *le sigh*

    If anyone out there has a Cross Necklace they can give me, or would be willing to trade for, I would be ecstatic. I don't have much to offer, but name what you want in exchange and I'll see if I can get it or not. (No endgame items.…

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  • SakuraKeyblader

    Effin Wall of Flesh!

    December 26, 2011 by SakuraKeyblader

    So I have my new world to experience 1.1. I was caving, happily, making my way down to the Underworld. When I finally did arrive, I was very excited, finding shadow chests and new items galore.

    Suddenly a voodoo demon comes my way, and ironically gets slain right over a pool of lava. "The Wall of Flesh has awoken!"


    I've already beaten the WoF in my main world, so it's not like I haven't fought it before. (It was just a big pain in my butt.) But I honestly wasn't prepared to go down and fight it again.

    Personally, I think Reddit should edit the whole thing, making it only so the Wall of Flesh will awake if a player drops the voodoo doll in the lava.

    I mean, poor, unsuspecting players that have no intention to fight the Wall of Flesh migh…

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  • SakuraKeyblader

    Since the Terraria 1.1 update, my old world (created before the update) is acting strange. I have broken all the shadow orbs of the world, and yet, 3 meteorites have landed just recently. (One being about a minute ago.)

    Is this happening to anyone else? Because I'm finding it strange. (And hoping to god that one does not hit my house.)

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