So I have my new world to experience 1.1. I was caving, happily, making my way down to the Underworld. When I finally did arrive, I was very excited, finding shadow chests and new items galore.

Suddenly a voodoo demon comes my way, and ironically gets slain right over a pool of lava. "The Wall of Flesh has awoken!"


I've already beaten the WoF in my main world, so it's not like I haven't fought it before. (It was just a big pain in my butt.) But I honestly wasn't prepared to go down and fight it again.

Personally, I think Reddit should edit the whole thing, making it only so the Wall of Flesh will awake if a player drops the voodoo doll in the lava.

I mean, poor, unsuspecting players that have no intention to fight the Wall of Flesh might be suddenly pounced by a voodoo demon and then BAM! They are fighting the WoF without the proper precautions.

Eh, just my opinion.

Anyone else agree?