A note ahead of time:

If you want to trade with me, you must have a desired server that I can meet you at. I will NOT be hosting a server.

I am cleaning out my chests, and I have a lot of duplicates of items that I do not need anymore. I am looking to trade for them.

I only want souls of might, fright, and sight; adamantite ore; statues; or something else, depending on the offer. :)

Items for trade:


  • Dark Lance
  • Sunfury
  • Blue Moon
  • Magic Dagger
  • PwnHammer
  • Flower of Fire
  • Muramasa (2)
  • Blade of Grass
  • Mythril Drill

Vanity items:

  • Wizard Hat
  • Top Hat
  • Jungle Rose


  • Cloud in a Bottle (2)
  • Moon Charm (Arcane/Hard) (2)
  • Hermes Boots (2)
  • Demon Wings
  • Hard Philosopher's Stone
  • Aglet
  • Star Cloak
  • Depth Meter
  • Titan Glove (Angry/Jagged) (2)
  • Anklet of the Wind
  • Intrepid Obsidian Horseshoe
  • Violent Nature's Gift
  • Feral Claws


  • Ivy Whip
  • Dual Hook (2)
  • Magic Mirror (2)
  • Carrot (multiple)

Thank you! :)