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Make your own TARDIS!

I was browsing the page for the blue dungeon bricks on here, and I got the idea of making a TARDIS from the comments I had seen. Now I haven't made my idea yet, so I'm not sure how it will turn out. But if anyone would like to make my design or improve upon it, I would be forever grateful :'D

Here is my quick and crappy ms paint design. It will be really big, so that's a problem. But it probably could be scaled down to reasonable size:

Tardis for terraria

Yeeeah I know it sucks, so hush.

It would be really cool if someone actually made the interior of the TARDIS, too. Hmm.. Maybe that will be my next project, haha :)

Like I said, I have horrible ms paint skills, so forgive me for that. I'll probably make a scaled down edit and add it here.



Light blue - Blue dungeon bricks

dark blue- blue dungeon brick wall

white- snow or pearlsand, I hadn't decided.

Black- obsidian or other material.

Orange- torch or other lighting source.

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