Hello fellow Terraria adventurers,

Recently my hard drive decided to ruin some of my world files, and because of that, I lost a lot of my really good items. I was planning to go against the Destroyer for my first time, and since I had lost my Cross Necklace in the process, my plans were crushed.

I'm currently in search of a new one.

I've been fighting mimics like crazy in the Underworld, but all I have been getting are the common drops. I made a mimic farm, but it hasn't produced many signifigant results. *le sigh*

If anyone out there has a Cross Necklace they can give me, or would be willing to trade for, I would be ecstatic. I don't have much to offer, but name what you want in exchange and I'll see if I can get it or not. (No endgame items. Like I said, I haven't even fought the Destroyer yet; nor any of the other hardmode bosses.)

Thank you so much! It would make my life if someone could help this adventurer out! :))