"Edited by A Wikia Contributor"

I'm coming to rather loathe that phrase, I have to say.

In the past half hour, I have manually reverted the Eater of Worlds page about a half a dozen times, and the King Slime page a couple as well. Why? Some troll keeps turning the pages to random, profane gibberish. It's really frustating.

People spend hours on here, working together as a team... Making somewhere with a lot of information for people who need it. It's really cool to see.

And then people like that come along, and mess that up. I really don't get that. What's the point? It's like bullying, except you're doing it to a large group. If it were physical rather than over the internet, it would be like some guy just trying to get himself beaten up by an angry mob. It really feels stupid.

Anyway -- I noticed that some people seem to not know how to fix griefing damage. I don't know if these blogs are read much, for this is my first, but if anyone reads them then I hope this helps others learn how to undo pointless damage like this. It's really not hard.

To undo the grief done by some stupid troll turning a well-formed page to "LOL DICKS" or something, you have to click on the Edit button near the top of the page. More precisely, click the down arrow next to it. That'll bring up a couple of options -- one is "History".

If you click History, it shows you a list of all the edits done to that page. Then, simply, after that, click on the Datestamp next to a legitimate edit, before the griefing. It will show you the old page. Then, click the Edit button up top. That takes you into edting the old version. Then, scrol down and click "Publish".

Griefing undone.

If we all know how to do this, then trolls will - hopefully - not be able to keep up, and the wiki can really keep shining all the time. I hope so, anyway. Oh well.


This is, like most things, sadly not a monocle. 10:12, June 17, 2011 (UTC)