Well, I'm not much of a person for redundancy. It's really a bit of a shame in many ways, to see this wonderfully written page all about Phase Blades, with pictures and fine structuring and proper grammar.

Why is it a shame?

Because there is already an even better page entitled "Phaseblades". Two pages, completely different, both about the exact same thing, and both with a lot of effort by the community obviously put into them.

I myself have, so far, "deleted" a half a dozen such redundant pages. It always saddens me, so I always try and preserve what I can by 'merging' the two pages as much as I can. However, it could so easily be avoided! Please, if ever you go to make a new page because there is no page for "Ebonstone Block" or "Glow Stick", run a search! The search bar is just that - a search bar! If you run a search for just, "Ebonstone", or "Glowstick", you will find that these pages already exist.

When searching, you should be as general as possible and, if in doubt, try a couple of different ones. Nothing coming back for "Jellyfishes", nor "Jelly fish"? Try "Jelly"! It's not like there's some deranged man with a gigantic moustache and tiny tophat sitting behind a screen cackling at how ridiculous your searches are - no one is likely to know about them but you.

On that note, the other reason I sat down to write this. If you come across a redundant page like that, don't leave it there! Either merge it with the 'main' page by transferring as much of the extra information across (Not the info that's already there though, we're trying to reduce redundancy >.=.<), or delete the information entirely. However, don't delete the page! Someone searched for that enough to make it in the first place, so instead, make it a Redirect!

I've seen a few failed Redirect attempts now. But, they're not that hard. To make one, all you have to do is create a numbered list, followed by the word Redirect, and then the page you want to redirect to - make sure it's a wiki link! The net result should be something like this:

  1. Redirect Glowstick

And that's it! It really is that simple, in the end.

For those of you who look at this and need a TL;DR version, I'll simply say--

Redundancy is, in my opinion, not good and easily fixed. Save as much information as you can and put it on the main page, and turn the redundant page into a redirect. Remember - numbered list, "Redirect", then a link to the page you want to point it to!

Redundancy really clutters up the wiki with completely unnecessary pages, and also ultimately leaves people with a lot of work going into something that, in the end, is for nothing. Which really sucks.

At least, all this in my opinion.