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  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is Person(Professional)
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  • Sarutobi II

    Hello, i have thought of ideas for a mod in Terraria, but do not know how to put it in the world. This is where modders come in. If anyone is interested, i need a group of about 10 modders, and if anybody would volunteer, it would mean the world. I need 2-3 programmers, and, umm.. the-the rest. I really don't know what people you need. 

    I have gotten two volunteers, both spriters.:



    Any way, to my ideas!

    NEW Accessories

    Crafted At:


    Lava Survival Guide

    Grants Obsidian Skin Buff

    Crafted With:15 Molten Bars1 Obsidian Skull.

    Used In: Lava Survival Sheild Lava Survival Horseshoe

    Crafted At:



    Gives+30% Movement Speed

    Crafted With: 2 Agl…

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  • Sarutobi II

    I was thinking about adding a new Terraria Mod into the world. I have the ideas in a notepad file, and have thought of cool stuff. Here is some of the ideas, i will add more if asked, since I'm not sure it will be supported, and if you can, please help to make this mod true! And i kinda need ideas for a name, too.

    Terraria Mod:All content on normal Terraria included.New Content:All new Weapons,armour,NPCs,biome,ore,Accessories,and 8 new bosses.

    Also adds RPG elements and Vehicles. 

    Already cool? Read on.

    New Bosses: Cthulhu's Head 





    Spawn Area:Forest

    Summoned By:Head of Spirits

    Well, he has an eye.





    Spawn Area:Ocean

    Summoned By:Orb of Darkness

    He has all of his bod…

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