I was thinking about adding a new Terraria Mod into the world. I have the ideas in a notepad file, and have thought of cool stuff. Here is some of the ideas, i will add more if asked, since I'm not sure it will be supported, and if you can, please help to make this mod true! And i kinda need ideas for a name, too.

Terraria Mod:All content on normal Terraria included.New Content:All new Weapons,armour,NPCs,biome,ore,Accessories,and 8 new bosses.

Also adds RPG elements and Vehicles. 

Already cool? Read on.

New Bosses: Cthulhu's Head 





Spawn Area:Forest

Summoned By:Head of Spirits

Well, he has an eye.





Spawn Area:Ocean

Summoned By:Orb of Darkness

He has all of his body parts too, don't worry.

NEW BIOME:Volcano Biome

Made mostly of Molten Stone and Lava

To gain access to your world's volcano, you must spawn and kill Ultra Hell Slime.


Volcanic Warrior

Volcanic Archer

Mini Volcano

Volcano Bat

Lava Spouter

Volcano Dragon

Volcano Ninja

Volcano Demon 

NEW ORE:Molten Stone:Only found in The Volcano

Used in Molten Stone Bars: 3 Molten Stone= 1 BarMolten Stone BarsUsed for Molten Stone Brick, Molten Stone Sword,Molten Stone Spear, Molten Stone Fury, Molten Stone Repeater,Lava Survival Guide, Molten Stone Armour, Molten Stone Staff,Molten Stone Claws.

Hard Mode Ore:Dark Matter: Found after every four Demon Altersdestoyed.Used for Dark Bars: 4 Dark Matter= 1 BarDark Bars:Used in: Dark Blade, Dark Fury, Dark Repeater,Darkness Armour, Staff of Night, Claws of Darkness. 

More details and the rest if it gets supported 

TL;DR: Well, to WoF with you, read it! Thanks in advance,Sarutobi II