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Need Support For a Mod Idea Part 2

Hello, i have thought of ideas for a mod in Terraria, but do not know how to put it in the world. This is where modders come in. If anyone is interested, i need a group of about 10 modders, and if anybody would volunteer, it would mean the world. I need 2-3 programmers, and, umm.. the-the rest. I really don't know what people you need. 

I have gotten two volunteers, both spriters.:



Any way, to my ideas!

NEW Accessories

Crafted At:


Lava Survival Guide

Grants Obsidian Skin Buff

Crafted With:15 Molten Bars1 Obsidian Skull.

Used In: Lava Survival Sheild Lava Survival Horseshoe

Crafted At:



Gives+30% Movement Speed

Crafted With: 2 Aglets,2 Vines, 1 Wooden Shoes.

Crafted At:

Demon Altar:

Sheild of Darkness

Prevents Corrupted Cthulhu From Killing You

Crafted With:4 Dark Bars,Cthulhu Necklace,60 Shadow Scales

Tooltip:Maybe you won't die if you face him with this 


Cthulhu Necklace

Prevents all Status Ailments except Horrified, Potion Sickness,and Darkness Engulf

Crafted With: You cannot Craft this.

Dropped By:Cthulhu

Crafted At:


Comfort Shoes

Gives "Relaxed" Buff

Crafted With:25 Silk

"Relaxed" Buff Gives you increased magic power by 20%

Crafted At:

Mythril Anvil: 

Flash Shoes

Doubles Movement 

Crafted With:2 Heelys, 4 Vines, 4 Aglets,2 Comfort Shoes

Mutant Fists

Triples Knockback

Crafted With:2 Titan Gloves, 20 Iron Bars

Iron Mask

Gives +4 Defense

Crafted With:50 Iron Bars

Read on, my friend! 




Battle Boat




War Tank



Tow Truck


All Vehicles Are Bought From The Vehicle Vendor

(new NPC)

I'll explain the Vehicles and NPC's in the next post, sorry.

Thanks to LumpZ and Timbow for volunteering! Also, if anybody can think of a name for this mod, PLEASE tell me!

I cannot think of a name!

Thank you,Ricky

02:31, March 19, 2013 (UTC)02:31, March 19, 2013 (UTC)02:31, March 19, 2013 (UTC)              

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