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    Help! Whenever I try to get onto Terraria, it says: Sorry, the game Terraria is currently unavailable. I think it has something to do with the fact that I tried to get tConfig on it but then I took it off.

    Because I think it will be useful info, here is what I see whn I look into the Terraria folders:

    [Folder] Players

    [Folder] Worlds

    [File] config.dat

    [File] servers.dat

    [File?] steam_api.dll

    When I open Players:

    [File] player1.plr

    [File] player1.plr.bak

    When I open worlds:

    [File] world1.wld

    [File] world1.wld.bak

    [File] world2.wld

    [File] world.wld.bak

    [Can anyone tell me what's going on knowing this info?

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  • Sasha Dawg

    I am guessing people have suggested this before, and that is why I am going to try and make mine unique. After you kill the WoF, a dungeoun will randomly spawn in a desert called the Pyramid. Ontop of the pyramid is a Pharoah NPC, who looks exactly how you would expect.

    If you talk to him in the day (can't be at night) he will ask if you want to go in. If you click "Yes", then he will say "If you wish to come inside, you must come past the Pharoah. Are you still willing to go in?" If you click "Yes" again, then it summons the Master Mummy!

    The master mummy is actually two bosses (like the twins) but they corrospond to each other. Instead of a message appearing saying "The Master Mummy has awoken!" you will instead get a message saying "Then …

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    My Mod Ideas' List

    July 30, 2012 by Sasha Dawg

    This will be the last thread I make for a while, and it's not because I'm going somewhere, taking a break from Terraria Wiki or anything like that, it's because I have had multiple people tell me I shouldn't make threads at a spam-like rate. Oh, and because I want to go and improve on my other threads.

    This thread is here to list links to all my mod ideas AND to say that I would like to be in a mod team as an idea creator. I will have a link to this on my profile so that even when other people post threads and this gets pushed down the list, people will still have a way to get to it rather than searching for it. Here is the list of all my mod ideas (I will update it regularly):

    Flower Fields: A new biome with many new enemies and a boss to g…

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  • Sasha Dawg

    Slime world would be a world that you can go to with a slime portal. It consists of slimes, and slimes, and more slimes, eventually leading to slimes. I will explain more later, but first, how do you gett there?


    The cyslime is a boss summoned by an item called the "Slime Summoner", which looks like a strange clockwork contraption with a picture of a green slime on the side of it. That summons the boss called the Cyslime, a rust coloured slime with a mechanical skull in the middle of it. Teh attacks!

    Jumps: Every time the cyslime lands on the ground, it spawns two probe slmes. Probe slimes stay in one place, and if you get too close to them, or you kill them, they explode like grenades. The Cyslime can absorb these slimes to ga…

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    The Easy WoF

    July 27, 2012 by Sasha Dawg

    I have entered hard mode and have defeated the WoF, getting the Pwnhammer and the Breaker, both the things I was wanting to get (I'm not into guns that much :P) and I have found the perfect way to kill the WoF! Three things will be needed:

    Demon Scythe

    Many Restoration Potions

    A LOT of Blocks

    And that's it! Now here's how we use them in step by step:

    Create a bridge over the underworld starting from the middle of Hell. Then, make it extend to the left until you reach the edge of the world (you dont even have to make it stretch across the whole underworld!) and then have a lava pit to throw your doll in.

    The bridge must be completely flat and near the top of the underworld, but only near, not at the very top. This way the leeches don't pose much of…

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