Help! Whenever I try to get onto Terraria, it says: Sorry, the game Terraria is currently unavailable. I think it has something to do with the fact that I tried to get tConfig on it but then I took it off.

Because I think it will be useful info, here is what I see whn I look into the Terraria folders:

[Folder] Players

[Folder] Worlds

[File] config.dat

[File] servers.dat

[File?] steam_api.dll

When I open Players:

[File] player1.plr

[File] player1.plr.bak

When I open worlds:

[File] world1.wld

[File] world1.wld.bak

[File] world2.wld

[File] world.wld.bak

[Can anyone tell me what's going on knowing this info?