After defeating the WoF, a new mob will rarely spawn called a deathbloom (play on words with daybloom). Deathblooms look like small purple flowers and will give no tooltip upon hovering the mouse over them until you get close enough. then the deathbloom will sprout up, taking the appearance of a giant flower with a thorny stem and a large, gaping mouth. It shoots out in the pattern of a harpoon gun, and they can't spawn in corrupt zones. They drop deathbloom seeds upon death, and corrupt petals. Deathbloom seeds can be used to plant deathblooms to get more corrupt petals if needed, but they are primarily used in a crafting recipe that makes an item called the wilted boquet. This item can only be made at demon alters, and summons the boss I have made up called Death's Boquet!


Death's Boquet appears as a giant flower with black thorned vines, a purple center and black petals. Though the head is there, it does no damage to attack the head. Instead, every 20 seconds another flower will pop out of the ground with an eye in place of a center. It has no attacks and only stays for 2 seconds before going back into the earth. Once this flower is dead, the whole thing will die. Note that Death's Boquet can only spawn in daytime, and will dissappear upon the night music starting. Next morning the Death's Boquet will appear again, with fully regained health. Upon death, a flower fields biome 100 blocks wide will appear with the Death's Boquet dying point in the center, but.... I haven't dscribed its attacks yet, have I?


The Death's Boquet only has one attack, but it also constantly summons pollinators (explained later). It's one attack is to have two vines at a time running through the ground, burrowing like worms. They are infinite in size, and if left alone could engulf the whole screen, but they have only around 300 HP, so they may be taken down easily. When one dies, another spawns. These plus the pollinators make a deadly combination, and should not be taken lightly. Rather than that, the eye flower that appears every 20 seconds may take the player by surprise and come up from below the player, hurting him, but even then, the eye flower doesn't do much damage. Now that we have that covered, onward!


The flower field biome replaces trees with giant flowers that may be chopped down to aquire stem blocks, which can be made into leaf brick, and pollen balls, which act like acorns except with the giant flowers. All the grass is replaced with a much brighter and lusher substitute, which you can aquire the seeds for by mining it with a pickaxe. Pollinators spawn in flower field biomes, as well as ant swarmers which spawn in large groups. Pollen slimes also spawn in these environments, but usually dont cause much of a problem. Now... Onto the mobs!


Pollinators appear like little fuzz balls and come in two varieties: Pollinator Y. and pollinator B. Pollinator Y. appear on the surface, while pollinator B. spawn underground. Each try to get above the player and then slam down, and then repeat. The pollinator Y. have no specialty, but pollinator B. may inflict the debuff "Darkness" onto the player. They both drop pollen (which I have yet to find a use for, except for making pollen balls).


Pollen slimes are the size of mother slimes and have an interesting colour scheme. Unlike most other slimes (which have one colour) the pollen slimes are bright yellow with red spots. Upon death, they will drop pollen gel, which when crafted with 10 books creates the pollen aura spell, which makes things grow around you (acorns would sprout into trees imediately, and mushrooms would spawn in mushroom biomes, etc.). Also upon death, they will spawn one pollinator, pollinator Y. on the surface and pollinator B. if found below dirt level.


Though you might have been expecting to hear about ant swarmers right now, which can spawn naturally, they are actually also part of the ant swarm event that happens every 20 nights after defeating the Death's Boquet and making a flower field biome. Ant swarms come without warning; there is nothing that appears in the lower left to warn you like "The Blood Moon is rising..." stuff. The way you tell an ant swarm is coming is because a million ant swarmers will start spawning the day before the ant swarm. Now... what creatures are in ant swarms?


Ant swarmers have little health, are very small, and have no defense, but their real ability comes in numbers. When spawning regularly without an ant swarm, ant swarmers spawn in groups of 20-50, which would sound like a big number, but it really isn't because of how easy they are. They are easy by themselves, but may become a nuisance when paired up with other things such as pollinators or multiple slimes. When in ant swarms, they spawn continously until the amazing beetle is defeated, which can often become troublesome. As ants, they can climb on walls and ceilings, but drop nothing.


Ant budgers appear in the ant swarm and may break down doors. Unlike ant swarmers, they can't climb on walls and ceilings, but unlike ant swarmers, they are big, have good defense, and have even better health. The ant budgers won't actually attack the player. Instead, they travel in one straight line, either jumping over obstacles or turning around (obviously not the case with doors, though).If they succesfully get from one side of the screen to the other, they instantly turn around. They are completely immune to knockback, except from Excalibur, of which they jumo back only the slightest bit, and they win't actually start attacking the player even if the player hits them. They will just continue walking in a straight line. By not attacking I mean they won't home in on you, they will still deal damage if the player touches them. They drop nothing.


The amazing beetle is a miniboss that looks like a giant beetle and spawns when morning comes in an ant swarm. The only way to stop the ant swarm (or stop the ant swarmers and budgers from spawning) is to kill the amazing beetle. The amazing beetle flies to the top of the screen and stays there, thus it has to be hit with a ranged weapon. If the player gets too close, then the amazing beetle will dive at them until they are far away again, but is primary attack is to rain bullets onto the character. If left alone long enough, it will start raining bombs, which may make the last of your house. Upon death, the amazing beetle drops beetle bullets and beetle bombs, both of which can be used multiple times! After he is defeated the swarm is over, and you can rest in peace until the next swarm... or goblin army attack. Or blood moon. Or boss battle. But anyway, that is what I have to say. Feel free to use this idea in any mod that is in the making! Thank you for reading, and leave comments and suggestions BELOW!