If you've heard the myth, King Midas was a king that turned everything he touched to gold. It sounded good at first, but turned out to be a curse. I was thinking: There should be a boss like that! Here's my idea...


The king statue is a golden statue you can find in the underworld. There is only one per world, so in a large world it might be hard to find. You can bring it up to the surface and place it in the spawn area. When the WoF is defeated, and the world goes into hard mode, if the king statue is withing 50 blocks of spawn, it will turn into the Ancient King NPC.


The Ancient King NPC looks like a king and if you have him in your house, the butler and maid NPCs might come by. The King NPC himself does nothing, same with the butler and maid. The thing is, when the butler and maid arrive, you may give the King a night crown which is craftable at a demon alter. The night crown is crafted with cloth, demonite bars, souls of life (which you get from golden golems, which will be explained later) and a crown. When given to the King, the king will turn into the King Midas boss (explained later).


Gold golems can be found as an uncommon enemy that spawns in the underground jungle. They look like people made out of gold with golden knives instead of hands, and no legs at there waist, just jutting fire.They attack by landing in front of the player and trying to stab him/her with their knives. The deeper you get into the underground jungle, the more vines the have covering there body, which often camoflauge them with the background. They drop gold ingots and souls of life.


King Midas (the boss) looks like a regular king half made out of gold and wearing a black king's crown with a mouth on it (the night crown). Every 10 damage he takes, he gets a little bigger in size. When he's big enough, he can summon gold golems. Every thing he touches turns to gold ore, which can completely ruin your house or other such structures. Another thing he can do when big enough is the mouth on his crown will start raining cursed flame upon the player. When even bigger, he can start shooting a gold ray out of his hands, which also turns everything it touches to gold. When big enough, you will have to start attacking the head, for attacking anything else on the body won't do anything. If touched by any of his attacks (rather than the cursed flame) than you have the chance to get the debuff "Golden!" which stuns you for a while, and makes your character look like he/she's made out of gold. Also, when King Midas is summoned, the butler and maiden turn into the golden butler and golden maiden, basically two minibosses to keep you distracted until King Midas gets big enough to actually attack you.

Upon death, the Ancient King NPC will appear again, and the butler and maid might come back if they weren't deffeated as the golden butler and maid during the battle. king Midas will drop the spell Wealth Bomb which shoots a yellow bomb, but instead of destroying stuff, it turns it into gold ore and walls into gold coins. He also drops the three vanitry items: King's Crown, Royal Top, and Majestic Greaves, all of which make up the King's outfit.

Feel free to include this in any mod you might make, or make it its own mod if you feel so inclined. Thank you for the read, and goodnight!