I was thinking of a weapon I had made up while talking with my friends, and then thought I'd put it out there for Terraria modders. Here goes nothing!


You can craft obsidian hands with 250 obsidian and 20 souls of flight, but that only makes one obsidian hand. They can be thrown at enemies like boomerangs, but you take a small amount of damage if they come back and hit you, and they don't do much damage to enemies, so it isn't really worth it. They are used in the crafting of the Obsidian Knuckles.


Obsidian knuckles act as powered up harpoon guns, and as such, are extremelyy hard to make. They are crafted with 2 obsidian hands, 2 enchanted boomerangs, a harpoon gun, 80 souls of flight, 50 gold ingots, and 30 iron ingots. When equipped and fired, they act as harpoon guns, except with longer range, more damage, AND you can shoot two at a time. If they hit any soft block (dirt, sand, or other such stuff) the block is destroyed along with all blocks adjscent to it. They are also used in the crafting of the Flame Knuckles.


Flame knuckles are crafted with Obsidian Knuckles, a flame thrower, and a flower of fire. They work exactly like the Obsidian Knuckles, except they may light things on fire. That is all, and please leave comments and suggestions BELOW!