I am guessing people have suggested this before, and that is why I am going to try and make mine unique. After you kill the WoF, a dungeoun will randomly spawn in a desert called the Pyramid. Ontop of the pyramid is a Pharoah NPC, who looks exactly how you would expect.

If you talk to him in the day (can't be at night) he will ask if you want to go in. If you click "Yes", then he will say "If you wish to come inside, you must come past the Pharoah. Are you still willing to go in?" If you click "Yes" again, then it summons the Master Mummy!

The master mummy is actually two bosses (like the twins) but they corrospond to each other. Instead of a message appearing saying "The Master Mummy has awoken!" you will instead get a message saying "Then feel the wrath of the Pharoah..." I will be going into the two bosses seperately.


The Desert Sun looks like the sun except enlarged and it has two streaks going through it like scars to make an X. One streak is white and has small rainbows in it, and the other is purple and has small eyes dotting it. The sun will always stay at the top of the screen and can go through blocks, so it will have to be taken out with ranged weapons at all costs. It also can't do the white streak attack and the purple streak attack simultaniously. I will go into the attacks seperately.

Fireball: It constantly shoots fireballs that act like the fireballs thrown from Imps. This is its regular attack.

White Streak: When the white streak overlaps the purple streak, that means it is getting ready to do this attack. It summons two clouds that circle around the player. Occasionally they will stop and shoot a rainbow that goes inbetween them. If this rainbow touches blocks, then it will turn them into the Hallowe version of those blocks.

Purple Streak: When the purple streak overlaps the white streak, then it will start shooting cursed bombs with inflict cursed flame. They also turn all blocks within the radius of the blast into the corrupt versions of those blocks.

Those are all of its attacks for the first phase, but when down to half health, it goes to phase two. In phase two, a giant eyeball appears in the midle of the sun, and it now has a tint of green to it (as if cursed flame was inside it). Now onto the phase two attacks! It doesn't keep all of the attacks from phase one, just saying.

Flame Thrower: Two constant flame walls shoot diagonally from it, both of which can go through blocks. These never go off, so you are always stuck under the sun, and you have to move with it. This is more of a consistency then an attack, though.

Curse Flame Thrower: The eye can shoot a stream of cursed flame, but this can't go through blocks. It isn't constant, in fact it only does it once every two minutes, but with the angeling, it can get you cornered against one of the flame walls. Yes, it inflicts cursed inferno.

Rainbows: Basically the same atttack as the white streak, but it is ALWAYS up. The clouds never go away until the boss is finished. Yes, they still turn the ground into Hallow.

Those are all of the attacks, and now we get onto the Pharoah (drops from the bosses will be conferred later)!


The pharoah looks like a giant egyptian coffin that stands upright and has an egyptian staff next to it. This is an on the move boss, and he always stays on your level (is not effected by blocks). He also takes up the an entire side of the screen, so there is no way to get past him onto the other side. Here are his attacks!

Wrappings: Similiar to the hunger, things protrude from the Pharoah called Wrappings. These wrapping act exactly like the hunger, except they won't, at any point, snap off and fly around. They drop nothing.

Cused Fireball: The staff next to the coffin will shoot a cursed fireball every 5 seconds in real time. These act exactly the same way as the ones from Snatchers in the underground corrupt zone (I think that's what they're called :P).

Illusion: When you get to the edge of the desert biome you were fighting in (since this is a moving battle, it has to happen sometime), it will meraculously dissappear and reappear facing the opposite direction on the opposite side of the screen, thus forcing you to go back into the desert. This does not do any damage.

Now phase two! When down to half health, the Pharoah goes into phase two. In this phase, he keeps all of the wrappings that are left from first phase (if any) and the coffin opens and a giant mummy comes out! This phase is affected by blocks and has a whole new set of attacks. Also, the mummy doesn't look like an ordinary mummy, it has a Pharoah's helmet, gloves and shoes/boots. It also keeps its staff (it likes it). Here are the attacks!

Mummies: The Pharoah in second phase will constantly spawn mummies, and they vary depending on what block they spawn on. Pearlsand = Light Mummy, Ebonsand = Dark Mummy, and regular Sand = Regular Mummy.

Staff Swing: In its second phase, the Pharoah will swing the staff if you get too close. The staff is huge, and the swing would leave little to no room to doadge, so it is recommended to take down the second phase at a distance.

Cursed Fireball: It still has this attack :P

Illusion: Still has this attack...

Sarcofigi Bomb: Because the mummy is effected by blocks, you can hide from it, but that's not a good idea. If it can't get to you for over two minutes, it will bomb the whole screen, doing 399 damage and destroying all blocks. Thus, it will leave you with one health if you have max health, and a giant pit. Wanna hide now?

Stomp: Sometimes it will stomp which will send a shockwave. If caught by the shockwave, you will get sent hundres of blocks into the air.


Upon killing the Desert Sun, you will get 250 Cursed Flame, 50 Soul of Light, 1 Soul of the Sun, and the Cancelled Piece.

Upon killing the Pharoah, you will get the Pharoah's Mask, Mummified Breast, Coffin Greaves, Pharoah's Staff, and Mummified Organs.

Soul of the Sun: The soul of the sun is a soul nonetheless, and the item will act like one. Using it will take mana, but it shoots a fireball. Every enemy you kill with the Soul of the Sun will charge the item further. When fully charge, you can throw it out of your inventory and it will be huge. Anything that touches it will get set on fire and die. When fully charged, the Soul of the Sun will take up HALF THE SCREEN!

Cancelled Piece: An item that looks like a pearl with two streaks going through it making an X pattern. One is white and the other is black. It is purely material to make the Egyptian Coffin.

Pharoah's Armour: The Pharoah's Armour set consists of the Pharoah's Mask, the Mummified Breast, and the Coffin Greaves. The set will give good defense, good mana, and does something special when used in conjunction with the Pharoah's Staff...

Pharoah's Staff: The Staff by itself acts like a spear that has a 25% chance to inflict cursed flame, but when in conjuction with the Pharoah's Armour, you may right-click anywhere on screen and teleport there. The only thing is that it has to be lit, you can't teleport into the dark.

Mummified Organs: The Mummified Organs item looks like, well, mummified organs! It is purely material in the making of the Egyptian Coffin.

Egyptian Coffin: Crafted with Mummified Organs, Cancelled Piece, 20 Souls of Light and 30 Cursed Flame at a Demon Alter, the Egyptian Coffin summons the Master Mummy! Must be summoned in a desert...

That is all for now, come back later because I WILL update it! Feel free to use this in any of your mods if credit is given. Thanks for reading!