Slime world would be a world that you can go to with a slime portal. It consists of slimes, and slimes, and more slimes, eventually leading to slimes. I will explain more later, but first, how do you gett there?


The cyslime is a boss summoned by an item called the "Slime Summoner", which looks like a strange clockwork contraption with a picture of a green slime on the side of it. That summons the boss called the Cyslime, a rust coloured slime with a mechanical skull in the middle of it. Teh attacks!

Jumps: Every time the cyslime lands on the ground, it spawns two probe slmes. Probe slimes stay in one place, and if you get too close to them, or you kill them, they explode like grenades. The Cyslime can absorb these slimes to gain back some health, and the cyslime is uneffected by their blasts.

Eyes: The mechanical skull inside it does also have eyes, and both the eyes do different things. One shoots a lazor (a continuous lazor, not like the one that the WoF fires) and the other shoots a slime cannon. Every time the slime cannon hits the ground, a random slime pops out. This could be any slime EXCEPT the king slime, as that would be too hectic.

Second Phase: The second phase makes it have no slime body anymore and is now just the skull that was in the middle. The eyes are the only things covered in slime, and this time they both shoot lazors. The skull flies around drooling slime that acts like the slime cannon when it hits the ground.

Third Phase: The third phase only has the two slime covered mechanical eyes, turning the fight yet again more slime based. The two eyes circle around the player, and can either try and ram into him/her, or shoot lazors at him/her. Every time they take 20 damage (doesn't have to be in one shot) they drop a random slime. Their health is shared, so that when one dies the other dies too.

The two eyes drop two "Portal Halves". When these are combined at a mythril anvil or higher, they make an item called the "Goo Active". When used, it creates a slime portal in front of the character (the Goo Active can only be used once) and that portal leads to the slime world!


In the slime world, dirt is replaced with mud and all grass is replaced with Goo Grass, which you can get the seeds for by mining them. There are slime corrupt zones, and hallows, but they do not spread, and the max number of them are one. Rather than that, the slime world consists of millions of new enemies, some NPCs, and some bosses (three, not including the mechanical slime, because you defeat that to get to the slime world, you dont have to face him in the slime world)! Now... As I like to start out with the most simple, here are the NPCs:


The Gel Guide NPC looks like he's a gel man (monster that is explained later) except with archeologist-like clothing. He acts as the guide for the slime world, telling you not-so-obvious advice, usually having to do something with the world. He can also help with crafting, just like the regular guide. Another trait like the regular guide, he spawns right when the world is created.


Looking like a gel man, the gel merchant wears the clothing of the regular merchant, and sells you everything related to slimes (including the slime summoner, which summons the mechanical slime, but no, this is not the only way to get that item), even slime cages! You must have at least 5 platinum coins before the gel merchant arrives at your house in the gel world.


As the name would suggest, he looks like a regular slime with a crown on his head, and as such, he has to hop everywhere. Strangely enough, he sells ORES! You must have at least a Goo Gold (Ore) Pickaxe and a Crown (can be the slime world version of the crown made out of Goo Gold, but doesn't have to be) before he comes to your house. Now, onto all the enemies!


Brain slimes take the place of zombies, and as such are green and only spawn at night. They have giant brains in the middle of them, and instead of knocking down your door, they pick up the blocks below them and shoot them as projectiles. This attack is able to burst down your door, too.


Jellies look like giant white slimes with smaller black slimes in them and they fly around in the form of a demon eye. Once killed, they drop a smaller black slime which will attack you. This is called a pupil. Pupils are as big as pinkies and have as much health as pinkies. Heck, they ARE pinkies, except black and don't drop as much gold.


Black matter take the place of harpies. They look like giant black blobs with stars inside them. They move slowly, but they constantly shoot small stars at you (these stars do not go through blocks). They may drop stars upon death, which can be used as richotcheing weapons (tell me if I spelled that wrong please :P).


Bat replacements, except in slime form. Though they both have the same stats, a goo jungle version of them spawn called vine wings. Not much else to say.


Gel men look like people that are made out of slime. When you get them to half health, they lose their arms and try and kick you instead of punch. When they die, they don't actually die. Instead they lose their legs and try and shoot their head at you. If they miss and it lands on the ground, it will make another gel man. These guys can get annoying quick. "Ha! I killed it! Finally!... What's it doing? Ah! Run from the head! Phew, at least... oh god dang it..."


These rare enemies only spawn in the rock layer and look like missiles with slimes inside the windows. They come from the bottom of the screen and explode when they are in the middle of the screen. When they explode, they release two lava slimes and ten blocks of lava which shoot in random directions until they hit a block, but then they act as regular lava afterwards. Though it is hard to kill them before they explode, if you do, they drop a TON of platinum pieces!


These slimes take the replacement of regular jellyfish, except they look like blue slimes with bubbles around them and they may jump out of the water, popping the bubble and becoming regular blue slimes. There are three differentt types: The regular bubble bobbler that becomes a blue slime upon contact with air; the dark bobbler which becomes a black slime; the girly bobbler which only spawns in the goo ocean biome and becomes a pinky; and the rich bobbler which becomes a midas slime. They all drop slime gel if you kill them before they become their land slime version, except the rich bobbler, which drops the same stuff as a midas slime.


The midas slime is a gold slime that sparkles and is very rare. It only spawns in the rock layer in the slime world and sky islands in the regular world (after you have defeated the Cy-Slime, that is). Whatever they touch turns to gold ore, and though this sounds good, they can make a complete mess of your house! They drop a lot of gold coins, gold ingots, gold ore, gold brick and sometimes even gold tools!


The astro slime is a slime that only spawns in meteor biomes in the regular world after you have killed the Cy-Slime (meteors don't fall in the slime world). They act like regular slimes, and look like black slimes in astronaut helmets. The only difference is that when they touch you they have a 20% chance of teleporting you somewhere random in the world (they may even teleport you into the Underworld or the Slime world if you've made the portal already)! They drop random pieces of the astro suit, a set of vanity armour that look like astronaut clothes. If this has already been added to Terraria, please tell me!


Skullbullies look like skeletons covered in green slime. When they touch you, they may poison you, and if you get too far away from them, they will summon poison slimes. Rather than that they act just like regular skeletons, and they drop slimesticks which can be used to throw at enemies. They have a 50% chance of slowing the enemy down.


Poison slimes look like jungle slimes except with the biohazard symbol on them. They can either spawn in the goo underground jungle, goo corrupt zones, or by skullbullies.


Slipsnakes are the slime world version of worms. The only difference is that they can summon dirt slimes by shooting them from its head (and they are made out of brown slime, obviously). Ground slimes act like regular slimes except they are almost completely immune to knockback and they deal a lot of knockback to you. They look basically like brown slimes. Dirt slimes also drop rocks, which can be used as ammo for the slingshot (an item you can fing in chests in the slime world, acts exactly how you think it would).


Slopsnakes act exactly like slipsnakes except they are grey and summons probe slimes (see probe slimes under Cy-Slime at the top) and they look grey instead of brown. Every time you deal enough damage to it, in one part it will split in two. this is the exact same pattern as the Eater of Worlds, so more detail on the pattern when you look the Eater of Worlds up.


The slime world version of wyverns. They act exactly like wyverns, except they are in slime form, and they do the same thing as the Slopsnake (split into parts). They are only found in the goo hallow, and they also summon random members of the "fair" family of slimes.


Fairs take the place of pixies, and as such can only be found in the Hallow. They are the smallest of a group of slimes, they can shoot stars at you (like black matter) and they drop fairy dust instead of pixie dust. This can be used in many different slime world potions. But on another topic, here are all the others of the fair family:

FAIREST: Drops three fairers upon death.

FAIRER: Drops three fairish upon death.

FAIRISH: Drops three fairies upon death.

FAIRY: Drops two fairs upon death.

FAIR: You already read what these do, but note that ALL of the fair family can shoot stars and you can only tell the difference of them by their size.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what they look like! They look like neon yellow slimes with angel wings. As you notice by how they multiply, one fairest could result in 54 fairs! Yes, I did the math. And yet again: These buggers can get annoying.


A white slime that spawns in snow biomes in the regular world after you defeat the Cy-Slime (there are no goo snow biomes in the slime world. Every time they touch you, they have a 25% chance to slow you down.


Cobalt slimes are rare slimes that spawn in the slime world near Goblin Ore (the slime world's version of cobalt ore). Cobalt slimes look like blue slimes except they have a face: (-- --) <---That's their face. Upon death, they drop goblinoid goo, some cobalt ore and some goblin ore.

If you mix the goblinoid goo with 100 obsidian at a cobalt ore/goblin ore anvil ore higher, you get a goblinoid spawner. These spawn cobalt slimes when placed. This is a great way to farm for cobalt and goblin ore, but that is why they are very rare...

Other versions of the cobalt slime are the mythril slime which spawns next to dragon ore (slime world version of mythril) and the adamantite slime which spawns near boiling ore (slime world version of adamantite). You can also do the same things with these as you did with the cobalt slime: Craft the spawner!

I will add more later (as the slime world is huge, and I already have some ideas) but for right now, leave your comments and suggestions BELOW, and thanks for the read!