This will be the last thread I make for a while, and it's not because I'm going somewhere, taking a break from Terraria Wiki or anything like that, it's because I have had multiple people tell me I shouldn't make threads at a spam-like rate. Oh, and because I want to go and improve on my other threads.

This thread is here to list links to all my mod ideas AND to say that I would like to be in a mod team as an idea creator. I will have a link to this on my profile so that even when other people post threads and this gets pushed down the list, people will still have a way to get to it rather than searching for it. Here is the list of all my mod ideas (I will update it regularly):

Flower Fields: A new biome with many new enemies and a boss to go with it! It also includes a new event!

King Midas: A new boss, NPC, and one new enemy plus two new minibosses that fight alongside the boss!

Merfolk: Mostly self-explanatory, it adds a new mob to ocean biomes!

Potion Maker: A new NPC that sells potions!

Soul Collecter: A new corrupt based NPC that sells souls and other dark stuff...

Obsidian Knuckles: Adds some new weapons to the game!

Slime World: Adds many new bosses, millions of new mobs, a new dimension, new biomes, blocks, and much more!

Pharoahs & Pyramids: Adds a new NPC, a dungeoun, five new bosses, many new monsters and items, and awesomeness all around!

That is all for the moment, remember to check on my threads regularly to see if they have been updated in any way! Also, if you are in a mod team somewhere and are interested in having me join, contact me via this page or my talk page please, thank you!