I have entered hard mode and have defeated the WoF, getting the Pwnhammer and the Breaker, both the things I was wanting to get (I'm not into guns that much :P) and I have found the perfect way to kill the WoF! Three things will be needed:

Demon Scythe

Many Restoration Potions

A LOT of Blocks

And that's it! Now here's how we use them in step by step:

Create a bridge over the underworld starting from the middle of Hell. Then, make it extend to the left until you reach the edge of the world (you dont even have to make it stretch across the whole underworld!) and then have a lava pit to throw your doll in.

The bridge must be completely flat and near the top of the underworld, but only near, not at the very top. This way the leeches don't pose much of a threat.

Then you summon the WoF and fight it with the Demon Scythe, as it will go through the Hunger and eventually kill them.

Once the hunger are taken care of, all you have to worry about are the lazors, and that should be easy enough. Fire the demon scythe at the EYES, not the mouth, because the eyes have no defense. You should be able to kill the WoF before you reach the end of the bridge.

Thx for reading, and tell me if this was helpful in the comments BELOW!