Hello, Saturn here. This is a guide made by me alone so enjoy!

Getting Somewhere

Now, of course load up a page and wait for the game to load. When you spawn you will find yourself in the world with another person. He is the guide, but you won't need him until later on. First, find a place suitable for a house. I would recommend flat ground, but it is entirely up to you. Choose a spot then switch to your axe. You will use this to (duh) chop down trees. I will say to chop down 40 or more, but it depends if your background is going to be made out of wood, or if you're going to use wood to even build your house. It is entirely up to you, but I say wood. When you have enough (you can collect more) it will be time to start building. 6x10 (6 pixels tall, 10 pixels long) is how big of a house you will need for the Guide to move in. Now, for a door. Carve 3 blocks out of one of the walls. (Saturn) Well, that is all until next time.