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  • Saulius Mickevičius

    Ok. This is not related to Terraria itself. It's related to wiki.

    I CANT EDIT PY PROFILE. :/ I can't change avatar, can't change my own welcome screen, talk page... Can't edit anything. Except blog. This one works fine. That's why I'm creating another blog. Because I can't post my problems even in the forum in Help desk section. It says, that I need to confirm my e-mail. The thing is - I already confirmed it. You can se, that i have already changed my welcome screen. But now - I CAN'T AGAIN!

    What the hell, has happened? I can't change username either...

    Is there someone willing to help me?

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  • Saulius Mickevičius

    Lava lamp - It doesn't have to be crafted from lava itself, or changing colours of lava with precious stones like Sapphire, Ruby etc. (like using anvil and having silver (or better) hammer in inventory you can craft dusts of that stone, whitch will colour the lava in lamp). Required - bucket of lava, bottle, dusts. Gains - Lava lamp (placeable, emmiting light), empty iron bucket.

    Fish bowl - well, it is in game, but it should be placeable too.

    Compass - It could show coordinates of player in the games. As the game is 2D it simply could show X and Y coordinates of the blocks. This would help a lot for players to remember where it have found some chest and stuff. Required - 5 gold bars, 5 silver bars, 5 iron bars (the number could change to high…

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  • Saulius Mickevičius

    Died in air

    August 9, 2011 by Saulius Mickevičius

    Yeah, you have read it right. I have died in air by LAVA! Or should I say died in "floating lava"? o_O

    The situation is this:

    In our little server with large world we had dug a tunnel down. With torches, stone reinforced walls, nice entry, steps in both ways and a tricky landing. Somehow somebody got digged a wall and flood lava into a tunnel. Of course it should have fall down ALL the way to the bottom. But it didn't. Instead, it stucked in the air, damaging everybody who falls down by 84 damage per second (or something like that). After a tricky death of Imp and spawning again, I jumped down in the tunnel again to get my loot and revenge. As it is one long fall, I jumped down and went to get my cup of tea. It looks like it was somehow a ba…

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  • Saulius Mickevičius
    And there I was: standing with the candle at the world's and, where is end of grass and start of the ocean, in small box of dirt arond myself, with water candle. Lot's of zombies, eyes, 4 slimes stucked in hole. Waiting for King Slime. Skipping frames (using frame skipping glitch). Drinking battle potions. And wasting my time. Am I doing something wrong or what?

    3 Blood Moons passes by, 2 hours of real time and no King Slime. How the hell other get them in several minutes of playing?

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