Yeah, you have read it right. I have died in air by LAVA! Or should I say died in "floating lava"? o_O

The situation is this:

In our little server with large world we had dug a tunnel down. With torches, stone reinforced walls, nice entry, steps in both ways and a tricky landing. Somehow somebody got digged a wall and flood lava into a tunnel. Of course it should have fall down ALL the way to the bottom. But it didn't. Instead, it stucked in the air, damaging everybody who falls down by 84 damage per second (or something like that). After a tricky death of Imp and spawning again, I jumped down in the tunnel again to get my loot and revenge. As it is one long fall, I jumped down and went to get my cup of tea. It looks like it was somehow a bad idea. I found myself dead again. I jumped again. After some fall, I went to open my window and let my cat in. After my glorious comeback - I was DEAD again! My friends started to make a jokes of me that I die in lava every time. And then I jumped again - only this time I was fully healed. This time I was looking to my screen without getting anyone to disturb me and BING! Lava! Lava in the AIR! What the..? I got back a little higher with my Ivy whip to see what is happenning up there. And I saw lava "floating" in the air. Litteraly. It was hanging - not falling. There was like 7 buckets of lava in the air. This looks like a glitch, right?

I didn't made a screenshot, as I didn't had watch with me (because I change watch with obsidian skull to prevent damage from hellstone, and watch should prove that lava is floating as you could tell that by the time it shows) and you just could say I'm faking screenshot or uploading the same one. And I don't have proper software to record that "incident".

Well, after putting a block of dirt underneath the lava, it started to fall just as it should be (at least that square of lava that touches with the dirt block) and the reached the bottom of our "Doom hole".

If someone prefers, I can try to recreate that stucked death in the air and post a screenshot. I'm not saying that this game is really buggy or something. And I got my money back after reaching the end. It's just...


"The sign was telling you to jump at your own risk. You did. So dry those tears and go get your money back, you lazy bastard" - Orionaslt