I'm looking for a builder solution. I don't want to hack, I don't want cheat. I already "finished" the game.

The only thing I want to do is to build. I want to create a "city" on my server with tall buildings and such.

For this I need tons of material like Ebonstone. I want to decorate the interiors but that would take years to craft every item I want to put in a "skyscraper".

I know you can edit the blocks with TerrariaEditor, so I can build the basic structure of my building but I can't decorate it.

So, I'm lookin for a program that can do the if I want to add a piano I don't want to farm those bones and other things to craft it but select the piano from special inventory with every item in it, and simply add it to my building from there.

I'd strictly use this program for decoration purposes, to speed up the construction. Not hacking or cheating.