• Sgtmajfoley

    attention getter: so personaly i am sick of this DRAMA going around so here i am.

    main area: im just a regular wiki user like most of the people here and i find this drama ANNOYING to the point of insanity. i mean seriously, your going to have drama over video rights on the wiki? easy solution: most major change's poll on the FRONT PAGE. (nice little section, would be better than reading all this drama in the recent activity.)


    so i have a few questions for everyone reading this:

    1. is this drama really worth it?

    A: no it is not, if you havent noticed your driving people AWAY from the wiki over the dumbest little things

    2. is there simple fixes to it?

    A: yes, but NOBODY has taken the time to solve it instead of bickering

    all i have to say i…

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  • Sgtmajfoley

    possible project

    January 24, 2012 by Sgtmajfoley

    so this is a possible project for me so heres the basis, but first im gonna ask if anyone did it and for some help.

    a full bullet comparison: as in dammage per bullet vs price vs time to gather materials vs difficulty to obtain.

    if this has been done please link me to where it is, if not keep reading cuz il ask for more help.

    so, i was gonna take a type of each bullet and the cost for getting them and figure out the price per dammage, but i thought of the new bullets and other bullets and decided to add the time it takes to gather and craft the items, the problem is i dont know how to make the system for time to gather the item's. (need help thing of a basis to "judge" material gathering time) any help would be appreciated.

    then they would be …

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  • Sgtmajfoley

    hi everyone, so i host a private server for my friends and we all kinda follow the same rules, however. my lil bro's friends may join us on terraria so we decided to make some rules for the server. i would greatly appreciate comments/opinions/suggestions. (please ignore grammer, spelling, and order, i will re-orgonize later.

    so without further addo...

    server rules:
    1. do not mess with other peoples

    stuff/buildings or city defences not steal someones loots
    3. do not steal objects from peoples

    4.foley is the mod, what he says goes
    5. for bossing (once arena is made)

    please request a server change on hard

    6. feel free to build your own

    house/hut, but do not mess with other

    peoples and city defences to do so
    7. please use the party system …

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