hi everyone, so i host a private server for my friends and we all kinda follow the same rules, however. my lil bro's friends may join us on terraria so we decided to make some rules for the server. i would greatly appreciate comments/opinions/suggestions. (please ignore grammer, spelling, and order, i will re-orgonize later.

so without further addo...

server rules:
1. do not mess with other peoples

stuff/buildings or city defences not steal someones loots
3. do not steal objects from peoples

4.foley is the mod, what he says goes
5. for bossing (once arena is made)

please request a server change on hard

6. feel free to build your own

house/hut, but do not mess with other

peoples and city defences to do so
7. please use the party system if you

wish to let others know what ur doing
red = hunting
blue = mining
green = foraging
yellow = building
8. neither foley nor ikillsall is

responsible for you dying
9. please keep the world beautiful,

please remove tombstones after you die

(boss server this rule is exempt)
10. if you plan on bossing (easy boss)

please warn other players so they are

11. statues are to be placed by

ikillsall/foley ONLY (asside from house

decoration ones) we are in process of

making a monster spawn room and will

place aid statues around the city for


please leave comments/suggestions/opinions