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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on April 28
  • I am Female
  • ShadowRezza

    In the begging there was the Mother Slime and the King Slime. And they had 11 children. the 1st, Yellow Slime. 2nd Purple Slime.3rd Red Slime. 4th Black Slime. 5th Green Slime. 6 Blue Slime. 7Toxic Sludge. 8Slimer. 9Illuminant Slime. 10 Pinky 11Baby Slime.

    5 of those children fell in love with the other 5 children ( Baby Slime didn't fall in love its a baby.)

    Pinky + Slimer = Slimeling

    Green Slime + Yellow Slime = Jungle Slime

    Purple Slime + Toxic Sludge = Corrupt Slime

    Red Slime + lluminant Slime = Lava Slime

    Black Slime + Blue Slime + Dungeon Slime

    And Baby Slime just stays as a baby. now the slime family has 18 members. All of them wanting to harm the terrarians..And the players wanting to kill them. How will this turn out when only a few play…

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  • ShadowRezza

    Copper Armor-[1] Copper Helmet[2] Copper Chainmail[3] Copper Greaves .Iron Armor- [4]Iron Helmet[5] Iron Chainmail[6] Iron Greaves.Silver Armor-[7] Silver Helmet[8] Silver Chainmail[9] Silver Greaves.Gold Armor-[10] Gold Helmet[11] Gold Chainmail[12] Gold Greaves.Meteor Armor-[13] Meteor Helmet[14] Meteor Suit[15] Meteor Leggings.Shadow Armor-[16] Shadow Helmet[17] Shadow Scalemail[18] Shadow Greaves.Jungle Armo-r[19] Jungle Hat[20] Jungle Shirt[21] Jungle Pants.Necro Armor-[22] Necro Helmet[23] Necro Breastplate[24] Necro Greaves.Molten Armor-[25] Molten Helmet[26] Molten Breastplate[27] Molten Greaves.Cobalt Armor-[28] Cobalt Helmet[29] Cobalt Hat[30] Cobalt Mask[31] Cobalt Breastplate[32] Cobalt Leggings.Mythril Armo-r[33] Mythril Helme…

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  • ShadowRezza

    Now that i beat the Wyvern it seems alot easier, every Night i now climb up to my base and wait until it spawns then i just harvest it before exploring through the Night . As i do so i encounter some strange new creaturse, eg Wraith, Possessed Armorr etc.I know relise i'll be spending my money from my Piggy Bank on [1]Purification Powder to be rid of this new Corruption before it spreads too far with the help of the Corruptor.

    p.s i should of changed the name but i forgot to. XD sorry.

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  • ShadowRezza

    Easy Wyvern

    July 10, 2012 by ShadowRezza

    It turns out the wyvern is easy in a not so confined space. I climbed up and led it down to near ground level where i was standing on a long flat platfrom. Easy way to beat it is to use a megashark and jump when it charges at you and aim down when shooting. land wait 5 sec then repeat. Of course this may not work for others because i was using demon wings. But in the end i won.

    And it turns out it respawns and isn't a one time boss :(

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  • ShadowRezza

    Well in one of my worlds i have my base on a skyisland. But i linked it to the ground below which is where all the NPC's but the guide live. Anyways i beat the wall of flesh in that world and respawned at the top in my bedroom. Unfortunetly a wyvern spawned and killed me due to my low health. (i still had 26 sec of potion sickness) i respawned and it came again and again and again because i was so high up. I managed to escape underground instead of fighting it and i switched my spawn point. I am currently waiting to get loads og good weapons to fight the wyvern.

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