In the begging there was the Mother Slime and the King Slime. And they had 11 children. the 1st, Yellow Slime. 2nd Purple Slime.3rd Red Slime. 4th Black Slime. 5th Green Slime. 6 Blue Slime. 7Toxic Sludge. 8Slimer. 9Illuminant Slime. 10 Pinky 11Baby Slime.

5 of those children fell in love with the other 5 children ( Baby Slime didn't fall in love its a baby.)

Pinky + Slimer = Slimeling

Green Slime + Yellow Slime = Jungle Slime

Purple Slime + Toxic Sludge = Corrupt Slime

Red Slime + lluminant Slime = Lava Slime

Black Slime + Blue Slime + Dungeon Slime

And Baby Slime just stays as a baby. now the slime family has 18 members. All of them wanting to harm the terrarians..And the players wanting to kill them. How will this turn out when only a few players verse the slime family? After all they have multiplyed into thousands and players numbers can be as little as 1.

So here is my question.

If you had to verse an army of slimes on a skybridge, that stretched the length of the map. and you could only have one weapon and 0 potions. What weapon would you choose? (p.s there are 100 of each slime)