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  • Shadow Wolf TJC

    Since Gracey91 decided to delete the old page titled Necessary Items, since he thought that it should've been a blog post (I kinda agree with him), I've decided to create this blog in its place. Hopefully, it's more balanced out than the older page (though I may add my personal thoughts here and there). (By the way, I'm adding this blog to the Guides category for the time being.)

    This page is about items that players are advised to bring along, no matter what task they're doing (whether it's exploring outside, raiding the Dungeon, or building a hellevator). However, this is only a guide, and some players may find that this is completely wrong for them. For example, a caster style player may find a gun or bow irrelevant and a melee weapon us…

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  • Shadow Wolf TJC

    This blog was created for people to discuss about what needs to be done in order to keep the wiki up-to-date now that patch 1.0.6 is out. Since this is a rather big patch, we editors have quite a bit of work to do.

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  • Shadow Wolf TJC

    A while ago, when I 1st heard that water evaporated when it reached hell, I decided to see it for myself. So, I took a bucket of water down to hell, and I dumped it, and it did indeed evaporate, though not instantly.

    Noticing this, I thought that maybe it was still possible to turn the surfaces of lots of pools of lava into obsidian, even though hell couldn't become flooded. Recently today, I decided to create a drainage system that would allow water and lava to travel from the surface all the way down to hell. I then decided to test it out by filling up a huge tank full of almost an ocean's worth of water (using the liquid duplication glitch of course). Once the tank was full, I cracked it open and let the water flow down the drain to hell…

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  • Shadow Wolf TJC

    Hi there. I recently joined so that I could help contribute towards making this wiki more accurate and informative, though I'm very new to editing wikis in general. For now, however, I've only uploaded a few photos to this site, though I doubt that I'll be doing much editing in the days to come. (I've already done most of what I wanted to do today anyways.)

    I do have a question though: What do you guys call an above-ground structure that's designed to provide shelter from airborne objects along a pathway? They seem to be useful for exploring normally dangerous areas (such as the Corruption or the Underworld) in relative safety.

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