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  • Shamrock63

    New Waterfall Glitch

    July 18, 2011 by Shamrock63

    NOTE: I now realize this isn't new, but there isn't anywhere yet that goes very in-depth about it.

    While messing around with making a piranha tank, I accidentally burst through the bottom of the tank. I plugged it up quick, but there was still the thin layer of water activating my OCD. Instead of covering and replacing, I noticed an empty cavern below the floor. I decided to just drain it into there, so I popped another block out in the floor to drain it. However instead of draining, the water continuously fell, eventually filling the pocket. Puzzled, I tried to replicate this, and wound up with the third picture in the slideshow.

    From my testing so far, a pit 9 blocks wide will be enough to activate the glitch. Any shorter and the water jus…

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