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    Hello, and welcome to the first edition of my Teraria Tips! Here I will post some tips and tricks I come across.

    Hoiks: Hoiks are the term for things that allow you to move without actually moving, or going through walls, etc. Here are some useful hoiks:

    Going through walls: Place platforms, any kind, up against a wall and then hammer them until they get to the stair position once. You should only have to hammer once for it to get through this position.

    Super fast speed: If you place blocks about four blocks away from each other, then hammer them so they are slanted, you have the best hook ever! It should look like this: |_ _|_ _|_ _| The | are slanted blocks.

    Hoiks are common, but this is a small guide for it.

    Pressing Crtl: If you hate placi…

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