Hello, and welcome to the first edition of my Teraria Tips! Here I will post some tips and tricks I come across.

Hoiks: Hoiks are the term for things that allow you to move without actually moving, or going through walls, etc. Here are some useful hoiks:

Going through walls: Place platforms, any kind, up against a wall and then hammer them until they get to the stair position once. You should only have to hammer once for it to get through this position.

Super fast speed: If you place blocks about four blocks away from each other, then hammer them so they are slanted, you have the best hook ever! It should look like this: |_ _|_ _|_ _| The | are slanted blocks.

Hoiks are common, but this is a small guide for it.

Pressing Crtl: If you hate placing walls or destroying blocks one by one, press crtl for Smart Cursor, causing you to destroy anything in your path when you are holding done the left click button

Holding Shift: Hold done Shift for some tools. These are the tools:

Light source: Hold your cursor close to you body for a non throwable item, a torch for example, to be held, and far away for a throwable item, like a glow stick to be held.

Mining: Hold your cursor over a block for it to bring out your Pickaxe, making it easier to mine!

Well, that is all for this issue. A lot of these are common, but I hope I helped!