aka Dennis

  • I live in America
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am A Madman (Just Joking)
  • Shiningwhisker

    HP: 2,800 (stage 1), 1,400 (stage 2)

    Defense: 12 (stage 1), 0 (stage 2)

    Attack Damage: 15 (stage 1), 0 (stage 2)

    Special Abilities: Summons Servant of Cthulhus.

    The Eye of Cthulhu is very easy to defeat, even with Copper Armor or, if one is skilled, no armor. Shurikens are your best bet in this fight. If you somehow managed to get your hands on Throwing Knifes or Poisoned Throwing Knifes, it would make the fight even easier. Another option would be to use a Bow (I'd advise you to use a Silver or Golden one), with Flaming Arrows (best results). Also, a Broadsword (Silver or Golden) would be useful for getting the Servants of Cthulhu off you if you're getting swarmed. Of course, a few Healing Potions would be helpful if you took too much damage. …

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  • Shiningwhisker

    Hi, I really need help! The Skeletron Prime not only does massive damage, but the most annoying thing is the one-hit-kill feature when it spins its head (spikes pop out). It used to wipe out entire server players! I have Dangerous Dao of Pow, Legendary Excalibur, Sighted Megashark, Rainbow Rod, Massive Breaker Blade, Dangerous Clockwork Assault Rifle, Hallowed Repeater and Light Disk x5, 99 Greater Healing Potion. 500 Cursed Bullets and 500 Cursed Arrows for ammo.

    I also have the Starcannon w/ 100 Fallen Stars. I tried fighting it 3 times, but everytime it spins its head while maneuvering it rapidly to my location (dealing like 8500 - 10500 damage) and it gets frustrating! For the 3rd time I used a PvP/Boss Arena but it's relatively useless…

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