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    Terraria VS Minecraft

    October 31, 2013 by ShinyMew112

    Okay, to finally end the MC and Terraria dispute... Terraria and MC are COMPLETELY different. No one game is better than the other, they both have their own deserved greatness and their own flaws. What i hear alot of in TF2 whenever i micspam something from terraria, is "terraria is a bad ripoff of Minecraft" when in fact, Minecraft is a ripoff of an older game, Infiminer, so, people can stop complaining about that. What i get alot as well is that the game looks bad, and its 2d. A game being in 3d doesnt make a game better, it could just make it worse, plus, people also need to stop judging games by graphics, i get a lot of people calling TF2 bad because its not as "Realistic" as games such as CoD, or BF. So, MC fans, quit complaining, terr…

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  • ShinyMew112

    I think that the lunar boss should be a PC exclusive boss, kind of like consoles got ocram as a console exclusive boss. Does anyone else agree on that?

    Proof that 1.2 WILL come to consoles:

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