So, I wanted to destroy some misconception about damaging magic weapons. These include what the strongest is, some former champions and some various trivia. These are all from my own head - I hope to make your understanding of magic clearer.

  1. Ounce for ounce, the strongest weapon (by listed magic damage in-game) is the Spectre Staff, at 68.
  2. The slowest magic weapon is the Unholy Trident. However, it also has the second highest listed damage, at 67.
  3. The least mana cost for any magic weapon is that of the Amethyst and Topaz Staffs. They each cost 3 mana. The runners-up are the Emerald Staff, Sapphire Staff and Magical Harp, at 4 mana.
  4. The highest mana cost for any weapon is that of the Rainbow Gun, at 20 mana.
  5. The highest damage of any pre-Hard Mode spell is the Flower of Fire, at 44.
  6. The only book spell that does not have the standard book colors is the Book of Skulls.
  7. The Book of Skulls, Bee Gun and Crimson Rod are the only magic weapons that drop off a pre-Hardmode boss (not counting the Wall of Flesh).
  8. The only Hardmode weapons that have a direct upgrade of themselves in Hardmode are the Poison Staff and Laser Rifle.
  9. The Magical Harp has the lowest mana cost in Hardmode.
  10. Overall, the highest damage of any summon OR magic weapon is the Staff of the Frost Hydra, at 100 damage.