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Features announced for Terraria 1.2.5!

Terraria 1.2.5's features have been leaked early, and I've collected the information so you can see!

Here they are:


  • Leprechaun - spawns in the Clover Moon event, normal melee attacker, drops gold coins on death and Leprechaun Hat
  • Leprechaun Archer - spawns in Clover Moon, shoots Clover Arrows at you (may drop them on death)
  • Leprechaun Berserker - spawns in Clover Moon, swings a Clover Waraxe (may drop on death)
  • Possessed Gold Pot - looks like Gold Pot, but attacks. May drop Clover Waraxe, Greenbrand or Clover Smasher (5% chance for each)
  • Four-Leaf Killer - miniboss in Clover Moon event, launches slow-moving clovers at you, melee attacks. Drops Clover Sword, Four-Leaf Clover, Clover Rod, Leprechaun Staff.
  • St. Patrick - boss in Clover Moon event. Has three attacks: Melee sweeping with staff, launching rocket clovers at you (explosive), three powerful piercing bolts of green light. Obviously can fly. Drops Cloverzooka, Glowing Clover, St. Patrick's Staff, and/or Clover Wings.

The Clover Moon is about the difficulty of the Pumpkin Moon, just with less variety in monsters.


  • Pot of Gold - like a chest
  • Leprechaun Hat - vanity item
  • Clover Waraxe - powerful melee item; 55 damage, very strong knockback.
  • Clover Arrows - like clovers; will cause enemies to drop double money when killed
  • Greenbrand - makes hurtful clover particles when swung
  • Clover Smasher - powerful clovery flail; 65 melee damage and shoots slow-moving clovers at nearby enemies
  • Clover Sword - clovery sword that will toss three versions of itself when swung; hit once for half the damage of the sword and only travel 10 or so blocks. 64 melee damage.
  • Four-Leaf Clover - doubles money obtained (stacks with Leprechaun Staff and Clover Arrows)
  • Clover Rod - shoots 3-5 slow-moving clovers when used. 10 mana cost, 38 magic damage.
  • Leprechaun Staff - summons leprechaun minions (like pygmies); cause enemies killed to drop double money
  • Cloverzooka - shoots rockets retextured to look like clovers
  • Glowing Clover - summons useless clover pet that will emit weak light on Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse, Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon or Clover Moon.
  • St. Patrick's Staff - shoots 3 very powerful, fast moving, infinite piercing bolts of green light. 15 mana cost, 75 magic damage
  • Clover Wings - like Spooky Wings, but look like clovers

Oh yes, and one last thing...


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