So recently, there's been a lot of speculation as to whether there will be a "Lunar Boss." This brought up another question for me: Should there be a Hard Hard mode? I think yes. Here are my ideas:

Hard Hardmode is unlocked by beating Plantera. It would unlock, to fit with the theme, many weapons, including the "True True Night's Edge" and "True True Excalibur." The Golem, obviously, would be unlocked as well. Maybe "stage three" bosses (like, say, the World Destroyer as an upgrade to the Destroyer, an upgrade to the EoW) could be unlocked as well, summoned by things like "Suspicious Mechanical Worms."

Some pre-Hardmode bosses would find upgrades as well, such as the Queen Bee. That was discussed on a blog two before this one.

My favorite idea: Anger-Issue Plantera. It becomes enraged whenever it takes more than 100 damage at a time, or the player moves out of the Underground Jungle. It is summoned when the player kills 3 Plantera. 

It would unlock the Meteor Golem. This version of the Golem would periodically drop meteors down and summon Meteor Heads. This would be a reference to the whole Mayans-say-the-world-will-end myth. When killed, it would drop some good loot as well as the Apocalypse Calendar, which, when it hits 0 (it has a countdown, starting at 50 days) it can be used to summon the Lunar Boss. If the player does not summon the Lunar Boss before -2 days, it will summon itself.

You guys can argue about the Lunar Boss all you like.

What do you think about these ideas? What could make them better? I need help with names. Leave your answers in the comments!