Hey guys!

It turns out that, even though I planned for Twelve to be my last story for a long time, I just couldn't resist. Stories are fun to make, guys! Don't judge!

At any rate, I'm planning a story. This will take place many years after the last one - about 45. Only two of my old characters (the ones who appeared in the Twelve) will show; two more will make cameos. This story was hinted at in the epilogue of Twelve, for those of you who may have bothered to read it.

Another note: I am leaving for a wedding + aunt visiting + some other personal stuff for several days. I will probably not be able to access the Internet during this time. No worries, guys! I'm not dead! Super Smash Terraria will be on hold. Expect me back soon!

Note: As my parents just split up, I may have periods of inactivity. Don't worry about those. I won't be able to give warning, but I will try!