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I have a few things I'd like to explain here. Please don't be a hater! ;)

I will not be able to release stories for a bit due to a broken finger. I know you like them, but that much typing is too much for me. I will continue to release other blogs - Super Smash Terraria's main body is just an easy copy-paste job.

Super Smash Terraria has been a roaring success, and I will continue to release it. I'm sorry for one- to two-day late polls this week, as I've been busy.

I'm really sorry that I haven't release any of my old daily polls that you all (presumably) loved so much recently. I will try to step that up, but again, been busy.

I won't release any more blogs for a couple days (excluding SST's Sunday release) because I don't want to push the Terrarian Bugle off the bloglist.


SilverHexxitFights (talk) 16:41, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

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