Is Terraria boring for you? Is it losing its thrill as you crush the bosses with your Mythical Shadowbeam Staff and Legendary Terra Blade? Would you like a challenge that brings you back to the days before you could take down Plantera with ease? Then this blog is for you! Check out the list! I will put a (COMPLETE) by the ones I have completed, an (IN PROGRESS) by the ones I am attempting and a (UNTRIED) by the ones I have not tried yet. If no accessories/mana/health/etc. is specified, you can do what you like with it.


  • Tinny Boss Battle: Beat Eye of Cthulhu with Emerald Staff and Tin/Copper Armor (COMPLETE)
  • Static Battle: Beat Eater of Worlds staying in one place with Blue Moon and no more than Crimtane/Demonite Armor (COMPLETE)
  • Frosted Over: Beat Ice Golem with Crimtane/Demonite Armor, Sandstorm in a Bottle and Space Gun (IN PROGRESS)
  • Ore Magnet: Get a full set of Copper/Tin Armor without coming out of the underground once (COMPLETE)
  • Sniper Pro: Do a 1024 damage crit with Sniper Rifle (UNTRIED)


  • Outbrained: Fight Brain of Cthulhu with Lead Armor and pre-Hardmode sword or flail (UNTRIED)
  • Paladin Killer: Kill Paladin without Nimbus or Crimson Rod (IN PROGRESS)
  • Retro Style: Kill Plantera with Megashark and Crystal Bullets (COMPLETE)
  • Double Trouble: Kill The Twins with a spear or flail (COMPLETE)
  • Sparks of Frost: Get Frostspark Boots before Hardmode (COMPLETE)


  • Hard as Hell: Kill Wall of Flesh with 200 max health or less (IN PROGRESS)
  • Mechanical Showdown: Fight all three mechanical bosses at once (COMPLETE)
  • Outgunned: Defeat 10 Tactical Skeletons and 10 Skeleton Snipers with Phoenix Blaster or Clockwork Assault Rifle (UNTRIED)


  • Titanium Dead Guy: Kill Plantera with Titanium Armor and Titanium Sword (COMPLETE)
  • Fishron Laser Chamber: Beat Fishron "Silver Style" (using a Shadowbeam Staff to fire straight up in a box of wood) (COMPLETE)
  • Ahoy, Matey: Defeat Pirate Invasion with Palladium/Cobalt Repeater and Palladium/Cobalt Armor (IN PROGRESS)