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Silver's Challenge List 2

Here are some more fresh challenges for you guys to try out! I hope you enjoy them!


  • Defeat a Mushi Ladybug with melee weapons before entering Hardmode
  • Kill the Eye of Cthulhu in the Corruption or Crimson on a Blood Moon
  • Kill 20 Demon Eyes in one night


  • Get Mushroom Spear on your first day/night in Hardmode
  • Kill Wall of Flesh with Flower of Fire and no mana potions
  • Get all 6 drops from Ice Mimics without dying


  • Kill Wall of Flesh without Hellbridge and with no better than Orichalcum/Mythril gear
  • Kill Duke Fishron with Shadowbeam Staff
  • Obtain the Slime Staff
  • Get a weapon with its best possible prefix without reforging or trading


  • Kill Wall of Flesh with pre-Hardmode gear and 100 health
  • Kill Destroyer with 100 health
  • Obtain a Mythical Slime Staff without reforging or trading

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